United Nation
Book of
World Records

“We ignite opportunity by setting and breaking the
world records”

Our Objective

          The objective of the United Nation Book of World Records (UNBWR) is to discover the hidden talents in the people and to become the ultimate global authority on record-breaking & record-setting. The main objective is to provide a platform to ordinary people to showcase their talent in their field for excellence.   We recognize potential of talent, ability, expertise, capacity, power, strong point, forte, genius, brilliance dexterity, adroitness, skill, cleverness, virtuosity, artistry and capabilities in world records through our certification.

          We Innovate, Measure, Record and Authorize the world’s superlatives person/s, from which we create world class platform that motivate, entertain, inform and inspire people through our unique platform in the world.


  • We ignite opportunity by setting the world records.
  • We ignite opportunity by breaking the world records … …


We have taken several steps to meet the vision set for The United Nation Book of World Records. These includes;

  • To inspire the world by connecting people towards pure talent … …


  • To provide the motivational platform for layman as well for record- setting and record -breaking.
  • Nurture innovative the United Nation Book of World Records through simple, holistic and transformative procedure … …


  • To organize the world’s superlatives United Nation Book of World Records, information and make it universally accessible and useful with Honesty, Gratitude, Influence and Empathy.
  • To uphold high standards of integrity and ethical behavior by building a culture of collaboration and trust … …


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United Nation Book of World Records

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